Brian J.X. Murphy 
State Representative 
Judiciary Committee
Legislative Office Building RM 208
NH House of Representatives
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 234-4031

Rye, New Castle, Rye Beach



Legislative Priorities

The Legislative Session began on January 3 2012. 

Follow the Session on my Facebook Page.!/pages/Murphy-for-New-Hampshire
It is a privilege and honor to represent Rockingham District 18 in Concord.  During the current legislative session I will be focused on the following priorities:

1).  Growing NH's economy and adding jobs.  Returning the "New Hampshire Advantage" to our business community.  The House Business Coalition is actively involved in identifying and promoting legislation that helps NH businesses become more competitive - leading to growth. 

2).  Tort reform - NH's courts are backlogged and overburdened.  In addition to modernizing access to the court system, NH must encourage responsible behavior within the civil docket. 
3).  Re-organizing state services so they are more efficient.  And holding public officials accountable for job performance. 

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